Massive cliffs reaching over 200 meters high loom above the ocean, forming a breathtaking backdrop to the diverse ecosystem of the park. Cape Point lies in the southern part of Table Mountain National Park, characterized by its unique fynbos vegetation, which represents one of the world’s most diverse floral regions.

Experience the thrill of ascending to the top on the Flying Dutchman funicular, where you can explore the new lighthouse and observation points. Take in the panoramic views while delving into the history of the rugged lighthouse perched on the rocky outcrops below. After immersing yourself in the refreshing sea air, satisfy your appetite with a delectable meal accompanied by stunning vistas at the Two Oceans Restaurant, or opt for a quick bite at The Food Shop before finding the ideal picnic spot within the park. Commemorate this unforgettable experience by acquiring souvenirs that will forever capture the allure of this natural beauty.


SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENS : Adults R100 and children R50

SADC NATIONALS: Adults R200 and children R100

ALL OTHERS: Adults R400 and children R200

Apart from offering visitors an exciting and novel method of travel, taking the Flying Dutchman funicular saves visitors an uphill walk from the car park to see the old lighthouse and enjoy the panoramic views.
Ticket prices for Funicular are One way: R80 for adults and R45 for children and pensioners.
Return ticket: R95 for adults and R52 for children and pensioners.

The Food Shop provides guests with the flexibility to select from a range of snacks, beverages, or meals and enjoy them at their convenience. Whether you prefer to relax in the outdoor seating area with a view of the bay or take your food to-go and discover a picturesque picnic spot around Cape Point, the choice is yours. Indulge in a selection of light meals and snacks, featuring options like pizza, biltong, droëwors, and other delicious South African specialties.

The Two Oceans Restaurant commands a stunning location overlooking False Bay, situated at the southwestern extremity of Africa. It distinguishes itself by providing exquisite dining experiences coupled with globally acclaimed panoramas.A mere hour’s picturesque drive from the bustling Mother City, the restaurant reintroduces beloved dishes such as the renowned Two Oceans seafood platter, alongside timeless favorites like the catch of the day grilled fish, slow-roasted pork belly, and indulgent chocolate volcano dessert, ensuring a diverse range of flavors. Catering to children’s preferences and vegetarian choices, our menu offers something to satisfy all tastes and budgets.


The Cape Point Logo Shop stands as the premier destination for souvenirs at Cape Point. Here, visitors are presented with a diverse array of merchandise adorned with the iconic Cape Point logo. From T-shirts and fleece tops to caps, hats, mugs, and teaspoons, as well as key rings, magnets, and books, there is something for everyone seeking a keepsake of their visit. Additionally, the Cape Point Certificate, serving as the official testament to one’s journey to Cape Point, is available for purchase here. With such a wide selection, every visitor is certain to discover a cherished memento to commemorate their time spent in this picturesque locale.

Cape Point is situated within the boundaries of Table Mountain National Park, and the store pays homage to the natural splendor and variety of the floral kingdom found in this region. Visitors have the opportunity to acquire bath products crafted from distinctively African ingredients such as rooibos and aloe. They can also purchase protea seeds to cultivate at home or procure books providing insight into the local flora and avifauna. Additionally, the store acknowledges African heritage through the availability of locally crafted vibrant ceramics and fabrics

LH5 embodies the essence of maritime history, exuding a distinct nautical ambiance characterized by opulent dark wood furnishings and gleaming polished brass accents. Here, visitors can indulge in purchasing authentic ship wheels or brass bells, or opt for intricate replicas of ancient sailing vessels or ornately decorated ostrich eggs adorned with vintage maps. The store also boasts an assortment of treasures such as great white shark jewelry, globes, and Ngwenya glass figurines. Additionally, there’s a delightful selection of marine-themed toys, vibrant accessories, and clothing tailored for children.